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Digital Innovative Transilvania aims to develop the necessary competencies to push for accelerated industry adjustment to structural changes in the market, focused on efficiency and innovation. This in turn will improve the competitive position of enterprises in the North Western Region working in the  IT&C, Creative Industries, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy & Environment sectors.


2.0 Digital Innovative Transilvania

Through this project, companies and SMEs are offered a curriculum of 14 training courses, 7 technical and  7 soft skills based,  with the expectation to:

  • reskill and upskill 668 employees from North- Western Transylvania, leading to an increased competitive advantage and organisational performance

  • increase competence and qualification for 20 persons, to be certified as ‘assemblers’

  • improve organisational performance for 3 SMEs in North - Western Romania through an innovative program of evaluation and learning in the workplace


The project is in implementation until May 2021.

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