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Enterprise Europe Network - Oportunități și Matchmaking (Iunie, 2021)

Proiectul Enterprise Europe Network vă oferă o serie de colaborări potențiale de care puteți beneficia, dar și o serie de evenimente care vă pot ajuta să vă dezvoltați compania. Pentru detalii și informații vă rugăm să scrieți un e-mail colegei noastre

Oportunitati parteneriate 1. H2020-INNOSUP-1, DIGICIRC: Greek company is looking for machine learning company, using AI to develop a new sea forecast algorithm

A Greek company is interested in applying for the call DIGICIRC for Blue Economy. The company focuses on: #5 Challenge: Create solutions based on digital technologies to address sustainability challenges in Maritime Transport in matters of fuel consumption and pollution, route simulation, among others. The company has developed an advanced forecasting system, providing sea characteristics and other support services, on high local resolution, based on mathematical models. The company would like to collaborate, in the framework of the DIGICIRC, for developing new forecasting products with the capacity to provide highly accurate, short-term (24 hours) forecasts for seas of high shipping density in the Mediterranean sea. To this end, a partner is sought, able to develop machine-learning algorithms, based on AI, for calculating the connection between the wind and sea state in the areas of interest. The Greek company will provide the physical parameters of the model. The results of the new forecasting model, with the use of an AI algorithm, instead of a mathematical model will help the shipping companies to plan the ship voyage in a more efficient and safe way, reducing the consumption of fuel, the pollution and the time needed for the trip. Deadline for EoIs: 12 July 2021. Deadline for the call: 3 August 2021. 2.TRMK20210601001: Business intelligence solution for small affiliate marketing companies A Macedonian company is developing a business intelligence and data visualization software for small affiliate marketing companies. Technical partners to further co-develop some of the solution’s technical aspects under technical cooperation agreement are sought. 3. TRMT20210428001: Maltese startup seeks hardware and software, for facial motion capture, and 3D scanning and modelling, for its X Reality (XR) media lab from European partners willing to enter into commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint ventures A Maltese technological advertising start-up is seeking suppliers and/or service providers to purchase and/or collaborate on solutions for its X Reality (XR) media lab including facial motion capture, 3D scanning and modelling, and motion capture hardware and software. Main partners targeted are from European countries for entering into a commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture. 4.TRDE20210527002: Start-ups sought to create a software solution for semantic analysis of digital information to identify customer behavior and interests A German utility company would like to find out more about customer behavior, trends and current topics by analysing texts in digital media, social media, blogs and forums that relate to the utility. They are looking for a start-up company to create a suitable software solution that can be easily operated by the utility’s staff. Technical cooperation is offered. The request is part of an open innovation challenge. The deadline to apply is 15 August 2021. 5.TRDE20210528001: Start-up companies sought for the development of a software solution for the planning of prediction of potential projects for commercial buildings A German architecture office focuses on design of commercial buildings in the areas of DIY stores, building material trade and bicycle retail trade. They seek to cooperate with start-up companies to develop a software solution for the prediction of potential new building projects in these sectors. This should be done by combining the data collected by the German company with public data on areas and buildings. Technical cooperation is offered. This request is part of an innovation challenge. 6.TRDE20210527001: Start-ups sought to develop interactive maintenance solution for German product lifecycle management (PLM) business For their database-supported product lifecycle management (PLM) activities, a German company is looking for solutions for interactive maintenance, in particular for 3D laser scanning of rooms, evaluation of image data, detection and evaluation of structural change. This technology request refers to an open innovation challenge for start-ups, thus only start-ups, who are interested in collaboration under technical cooperation agreements, are sought. Evenimente matchmaking

Ideal-ist, the network of National Contact Points for ICT research, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network invites you to participate in a brokerage event with pre-arranged online Face2Face meetings.

This brokerage event is a unique networking opportunity for actors in the DIGITAL field!

Why participate?

  • get the latest information from the European Commission

  • build quality partnerships for participating in ICT across Horizon Europe

  • facilitate the setup of project consortia for Horizon Europe calls

  • discuss and develop new project ideas on ICT at international level

  • acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations

  • promote your research results, technologies and know-how

2. Horizon Europe event: Information Day on Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space; 29 - 30 iunie 2021


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