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Mission & Vision

Our mission is first and foremost to represent the interests of our member companies and generate added value for them through all our engagements while also contributing to the development of our regional ecosystem.

We see digital technologies not as distant, promising “future”, but as a very present and important component that’s part of our society. For this reason we are working towards weaving digitalization and digital transformation solutions into the fabric of our ecosystem. We see technology not as an end purpose, but as an enabler that can support and provide modern solutions for other business sectors, public authorities, academia and society overall. Together we believe that we can all contribute towards increasing the quality of life of our communities at local, regional, national and European levels.

Strategic Directions

We are an active organization working with our member companies in order to raise awareness about the regional ecosystem’s current capabilities, capacities and promising potential of the ITC sector. 

We are creating value through programs, projects and activities that are channeled along 3 main strategic directions:

Capacity and Capabilities Building



Matchmaking and Internationalization

Our efforts are oriented towards the vision of Cluj-Napoca being the capital of technological innovation in Central and Eastern Europe.

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