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A message from president Voicu Oprean

These days we are celebrating 10 years of excellence and innovation within the Transilvania IT Cluster. In the fall of 2013, we started with only 20-30 companies, with the dream and ambition to reach 100. Today, we are approaching the impressive figure of 200 members. Certainly, this comes with challenges, but also with great opportunities.


I am confident that our organization will continue to grow and develop around, for and because of our member firms. Therefore, Transilvania IT Cluster will always reflect the true face of our industry, as it is experienced and shaped by companies.


We can consider ourselves lucky because we live in Cluj, an innovative city that is not afraid to think differently. "Innovated in Cluj, this city thinks different" - this is the message I like to convey to the world.


There are many things we are proud of, but I would like to mention at least two projects that I care a lot about.

Innovation Labs: After successfully developing and growing our beautiful community, we felt it was time to give back and build for future generations, to leave a lasting legacy - and hence this project, where young people are supported and encouraged to share their ideas and bring them to reality.


Then, there was the project through which we facilitated access to technology for the elderly, on the grounds that the Internet, computers should not exist only for young people, or for those with higher education. Technology must become part of every day of our lives, helping and beautifying the existence of all generations.


Happy anniversary, Transilvania IT Cluster! With gratitude for everything we have achieved together and with confidence in an even brighter future!


Message from Bianca Muntean
Transilvania IT Cluster manager

This year, we celebrate 10 years of excellence and innovation within the Transilvania IT Cluster! Is it a lot, or not so much? I don't know, but it sure wasn't easy. And I also know, just as surely, that it was a beautiful, intense, meaningful journey.

Things were very different 10 years ago - in Cluj, in the country, in the IT industry.


There were 10 years of building: relationships, opportunities, a community. A real community, around the Transilvania IT team, a team that has changed its people over the years, but that has kept its spirit and is today stronger and more relevant than ever.


This is what we believe even now, after 10 years, here at Transilvania IT: in the power of the community and in the ability of people to always innovate, to improve little by little, with their ideas and expertise, the world in which we live.


This is what we will do in the next 10 years, even easier, because we have gathered the right people around us: we will create the right contexts and encourage good ideas, form connections and build the community that can change the world.


Because we have the necessary resources and a clear vision of the society in which we want our children to grow up and contribute.


Here's to many more years of building bridges, creating opportunities, fostering innovation!

Our Anniversary Party

From our members

Ștefan Biji, CEO Eligma

George Luparu, K-Factory

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