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Who We Are

Transilvania IT Cluster works at the intersection between entrepreneurship, researchers, innovators, and public administration, pushing forward discussion and action around digital transformation and thus enhancing community development through digitisation.

Founded in 2013 by Aries Transilvania, Transilvania IT Cluster was originally aimed to support employees of member companies in the acquisition process of technical and soft skills, as well as offer a platform of knowledge and training for the implementation of collaborative projects. While this continues to remain an important focus, Transilvania IT Cluster further developed to match the sector development in Cluj - Napoca.


projects implemented


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Our Values

Defined by our values

  • accountability on task management from idea spark to implementation

  • adaptability, the power to act according to context keeping the overall goal in mind

  • fairness, the willingness to  keep just and carry on

  • empathy, the ability to keep perspectives in mind, perspectives are great!

  • trustfulness, we accomplish so much more working together 

  • purposefulness, the power to stay focused and deliver

  • optimism, the power to see the bright side in everything

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