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Working Groups

coordinated by Transilvania IT Cluster

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Digital Health WG meets regularly, every 2 months. The purpose of the working group is to identify the current needs of the digital health community and to find the proper tools and resources to implement relevant projects that are replicable in other regions/sectors. A series of funding opportunities are discussed within the group with the aim of creating collaborative teams that apply for funding in order to implement their eHealth solution.


Vertical of The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania and Transilvania IT Cluster, focuses on process automation in the manufacturing field. The group seeks to identify opportunities for partnerships between organizations that offer automation solutions and factories that have not yet adopted a digital way of working.

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One of the working groups that Transilvania IT has been coordinating for over 4 years is the HR working group, a group that identifies the training needs of the employees of the member companies and offers solutions on the professional development side, both in the area of soft skills and technical course area. The working group meets recurrently, once a month. The Group discusses opportunities to develop skills appropriate to labor market requirements, opportunities offered by Transilvania IT Cluster as a Beneficiary / Partner in European-funded projects or as an Authorized Training Provider. The HR managers of the member companies are part of this working group. 


This group focuses on exploring technologies and business models that promote sustainability and the green transition. Through this group, we aim to bring together our member companies specialized in this vertical to explore this field together.

Within this working group we aim to organize quarterly meetings with the participants, debates about green and digital business models, financing lines, legislative updates and technology presentations, but also to explore the latest generation solutions, both at the level national as well as international.

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