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Enterprise Europe Network - Opportunities - June 2021

The Enterprise Europe Network project offers you a series of potential collaborations that you can benefit from, but also a series of events that can help you develop your company. For details and information please write an e-mail to our colleague

1. TOSE20210610001:Swedish SME with an innovative solution for safe level crossings is looking for partners to develop a unique safety solution together in joint venture or techincal cooperation agreement.

A Swedish SME is developing an innovation for mobility safety. They are initially focusing on a solution to make unattended railway crossings more safe based on existing accessible data and a system that will communicate with actors in traffic. This innovation will be cheaper, easier and faster to install than conventional safety solutions for level crossings. The partner sought is a European technology company with experience of developing, manufacturing, and distributing ICT-products.

2. TOTR20210602001: A Turkish-American company focused on virtual, augmented and mixed reality solutions for the tourism sector, is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and cooperation agreements.

The mobile app opens a time gate for users to show and tell how touristic and cultural heritage sites and archaeological assets looked like in the past, which have been completely or partially destroyed. It is a mobile virtual guidance application users to live the past and the present time at the same time. It is a Turkish-American company looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance, license and technical cooperation agreements in European countries.

3. TRDE20210616001: A logistics company seeks start-up companies for the development of a software solution for personnel deployment and workload visualisation

The German branch of a multinational company is looking for a cooperation with a start-up for the development of a software solution for the optimized physical deployment of personnel as well as a visualization of the workload for its control. The company is interested in common development or already developed solutions that can be adjusted within a technical cooperation agreement. This request is part of an open business challenge for start-ups.


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