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On education, innovation and role models: Bianca Muntean at the "Grigore Moisil" conference

Over 250 students and 100 teachers participated in the "Grigore Moisil" intercounty Mathematics and Informatics Competition in Bistrita over the weekend. The event was organized by the "Grigore Moisil" Cultural Association, as part of the activities intended to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of the one who is nicknamed "the father of Romanian IT".

The competition was followed by a public conference on education, and Transilvania IT Cluster was represented by Bianca Muntean, cluster manager, as a speaker, with a presentation on "Innovative Transilvania".

Bianca Muntean evoked the personality and importance of Grigore Moisil regarding the introduction of computer science in Romania, since the beginning of the development of this science, when few countries in the world had access to information and equipment in this field:

"It is well known that Professor Moisil was a trailblazer, having innovative contributions in mathematics, informatics, automation and cybernetics. He is also known to have introduced computer science to Romania - not only did he introduce the idea of ​​studying computer science in Romanian high schools and universities, but he also created a Computing Center at the University of Bucharest, thus becoming one of the top ten universities in the world that had such a center. Moreover, he brought here the first computer (let's think about the fact that it was 1969!) and supported the creation of the first Romanian computers. Most importantly, he made outstanding contributions to the development of computer science and the training of the first generations of computer scientists, since the 60s."

Then talking about today's trailblazers, Bianca presented the audience with some examples of people who, through their perseverance, were able to successfully implement their ideas, some of them unique in the world, impacting the lives of millions of people, at international level.

It is even members of the Transilvania IT Cluster, such as dotLumen or the Scripor Association, who identified people's needs and came up with a solution to their problems.

dotLumen is the first Romanian startup admitted to financing within the Accelerator of the European Innovation Council, a business accelerator through which innovative businesses are financed. One of the founders of this startup is Cornel Amariei, a 29-year-old man who lives and works in Cluj and who had an idea that turned out to be not only winning, but also unique in the world.

"In the context where more than 40 million people are blind, Cornel thought of some special glasses for them - as I said, such a simple idea, but possibly unique in the world.
Thus, dotLumen started as a research project at the end of 2018, being a response to the need and challenge of helping people with visual impairments. Specifically, they are currently developing a wearable device that helps blind people find their way around. In other words, we are talking about technology put to work and helping people.
Here is just one example of today's ambition, innovation and even pioneering. An example that big things, important things, can also be done in Romania. That we can make ourselves known through our ideas and our work."

This was one of the main ideas that Bianca wanted to convey: that we can each contribute to creating the world we want - for us and for those who come after us.

"Even a millimeter of change means... change. Maybe attitude, maybe perception, maybe thinking, mentality. The point is that every change, every move in the right direction is progress, it's another step towards what we want to be and do."

Another important idea conveyed is that we can bring that change here, at home, in the communities where we grew up and that we can thus give back.

"It is very important to return to those who have been your home and helped you on your way. It is imperative to support the community you belong to or have been a part of so that it, in turn, can produce other young people like you.
And together, in the end, let's build a strong and healthy society in which we want our children to grow and develop.
The favorable framework for innovation and excellence exists close to you, not only abroad - in Cluj, Bistrița, Bucharest or Timișoara real ecosystems have developed and are still developing in the IT field, ecosystems in which you too will be able to make the contribution. Only with your help can we grow and innovate, and you can leave your mark as specialists wherever you want. You know that Romanian saying, "the man blesses the place"! We believe very much in this phrase, for us they are not empty words, we apply them every day, already for 10 years, within the Transilvania IT Cluster. And we started from scratch, with an idea, and now, after 10 years, we look around and see the change we brought. This is what I wish for you too, to come to see that you have changed something, that you have brought something new into your world. That you left it better than you found it.”

Last but not least, as honorary consul of Estonia, Bianca Muntean spoke about digitalization and the example set by this country in terms of modernization through digitalization.

The event organized by the Grigore Moisil Association was aligned with the values ​​and principles promoted by Transilvania IT Cluster, and the young people present showed us that the future is in good and competent hands.

Thank you for the invitation, we wish you success in your future activities!


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