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City Resilience Platform


The starting point of the need for a resilience platform is the pandemic that our country is going through these days. The limitations of the central administration and the need for intelligent self-organization at local and regional level are important factors to justify this platform. On the other hand, the multitude of entrepreneurial and professional initiatives that propose innovative solutions to solve pressing problems is another argument for the need for a digital platform for resilience.

The concept presents the city as a platform that generates value for citizens, stakeholders, companies, etc. On the first level (the colored one) there are the main fundamental elements that generate value at storm level. On the second level of the scheme (light blue) are the tools and approaches, and on the third level (dark blue) are the stakeholders who contribute through collaboration, innovation, etc. to the generation of value through social, technological, economic, cultural innovation, etc.

Concept by:

Transilvania IT Cluster

Transilvania DIH

Transilvania Living Lab


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