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On Thursday, June 3, 2021, Transylvania IT Cluster facilitated the dissemination of the results of Whizzer project, initiated by Allevo, one of the member companies of the Cluster. The event took place online starting at 10:30 a.m., and it was aimed at publicly communicating the results of this project.

As part of this event, Ioana Guiman, Managing Partner of Allevo talked about the operation mechanism of a reconciliation algorithm created in partnership with Bakken & Baeck, a development boutique in Norway, explained how SMEs can use Whizzeer as a "new financial manager" and detailed the evolution of the project so far. She also expressed Allevo's intention to create a partnership with an entity to facilitate the process of providing the services offered by Whizzer to SME companies.

To organize the public dissemination event with the support of Transylvania IT Cluster was a valuable opportunity for Allevo to make known a new financial instrument that is available to small and medium-sized enterprises. "Our colleagues and partners at Transylvania IT Cluster have assisted us throughout the process, organizing an impeccable event, therefore helping us to reach those people we want to work with in the future, those partners with whom to develop our solution so that to make it even better conceptually.", said Ioana Guiman, Managing Partner- Business Development Allevo.

The Whizzer project will be completed in November 2021 and is co-financed through the SMEs Growth Romania programme, operated by Inovation Norway Romania, with the support of Norwegian grants and the EEA.


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