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2023: Cluj Innovation Year is a multisectoral program with the sole purpose to support the sustainability and innovation development of the Romanian business ecosystem.

The program will include workshops, training sessions, study visit, good practice sharing events, networking & matchmaking sessions, Innovation Camp, all dedicated to support Romanian companies in the fields of Digital Health, ICT and Industry 4.0 to increase their competitiveness, resilience and to extend into international markets.

The collaboration with the Norwegian ecosystem will directly contribute to the success of the planned program, being in line with the European Sustainable Development Goals: Health&Care, ICT, Industry 4.0.

Project title: 2023 Cluj Innovation Year

Case no: 2022/360202

Project financed by EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021

2023: Cluj Innovation Year


Transilvania IT Cluster Contribution

Transilvania IT Cluster was founded in 2013 and currently has over 180 members - startups, SMEs, large companies, universities and public administrations. The organization's activity revolves around its members and the ecosystem it represents, it responds to the needs regarding support for innovation, internationalization, technological transfer, upskilling and reskilling among employees, generating added value for them,  while also contributing to the development of the community in Northwest Romania through digitalization.

Transilvania IT Cluster is mandated to best address IT industry’s interests in relation to local authorities, regional bodies, Romania’s national Government, the European Parliament, European Committee of the Regions and the EC, doing lobby and advocacy work at all aforementioned levels.

Our  activities are organized around 5 verticals: Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, Smart City, Digital Health and Green Transition. 

Transilvania IT Cluster is constantly working on the implementation of digitalisation and digital transformation solutions for the construction of the regional ecosystem. Thus, as coordinator of The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania, the organisation aims, as a development direction for the future, to actively contribute to the profound transformation of industries, for companies to become competitive and able to deliver new types of value based on digital products, services and innovations.


Study visit to Norway

In a quest to foster cross-border collaborations and exchange knowledge and good practices, Transilvania IT Cluster members and team embarked on a transformative journey to Oslo, Norway. This immersive experience was organized within the project "2023: Cluj Innovation Year", funded by EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 and co-hosted by Collective Innovation.

Innovation Camp vizual.png
Innovation Camp vizual.png
Innovation Camp vizual.png

Innovation Camp

76 specialists and experts from 11 countries were present in Cluj-Napoca between October 13-15, 2023, at the fifth edition of Cluj Innovation Camp, organized by Transilvania IT Cluster.

The event is included in the "Cluj Innovation Year 2023" project, financed by the EEA and Norwegian Grants 2014-2021.

Matchmaking event.png
Matchmaking event.png
Matchmaking event.png


Information and matchmaking event organized by Transilvania IT Cluster in collaboration with the partners of the BOOST project, which brought together companies from Catalonia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark and the North-West area of Romania to explore opportunities for collaboration in the field of Industry 4.0.

The event was designed to facilitate connections between cluster organizations and potential partners to develop consortia for Horizon Europe & I3 programs in the field of Industry 4.0.

Workshop Maurits.png
Workshop Maurits.png
Workshop Maurits.png


5 online workshops, with the aim of supporting companies in developing their business management skills and business model.

  1. Coaching/Marketing for Competitive International Markets

  2. European Data Spaces: How IT companies will be able to take advantage of the new strategic directions of Data Sharing at the European level

  3. How can tech companies participate in the calls available through Horizon Europe and other European programmes

  4. Calculation, Report and Reduction of Carbon Emissions

  5. How to encourage health innovation in cancer: insights from Norwegian ecosystem

Media Articles

2023 cluj innovation year_edited.jpg

"2023 Cluj Innovation Year" concludes a year of innovation and collaboration for sustainable development in Romania

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-14 at 10.27.12.jpeg

„2023 Cluj Innovation Year” încheie un an de inovare și colaborare pentru dezvoltarea durabilă în România

Innovations Camp 2023 - day 1-139.jpg

76 de specialiști și experți din 11 țări au fost prezenți la cea de-a cincea ediție a Cluj Innovation Camp


Transilvania IT Cluster explorează ecosistemul de tehnologie medicală din Oslo


Transilvania IT Cluster explorează ecosistemul de tehnologie medicală din Oslo


S-a lansat proiectul ”2023 Cluj Innovation Year” | Media9

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-14 at 10.27.12.jpeg

Final de proiect ”2023 Cluj Innovation Year”

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-15 at 10.22.20 (3).jpeg

76 de experți din 11 țări la Cluj Innovation Camp 2023

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-14 at 10.21.07.jpeg

Cluj Innovation Camp 2023: 76 specialists from 11 countries debated important and challenging topics


Exploring Oslo's Health Tech Ecosystem: A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

2023 cluj innovation year.png

"2023: Cluj Innovation Year 2023” - un proiect pentru inovare și dezvoltare durabilă


”2023 Cluj Innovation Year” | România Pozitivă

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