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"2023 Cluj Innovation Year" concludes a year of innovation and collaboration for sustainable development in Romania

Transilvania IT Cluster announces the completion of the "2023 Cluj Innovation Year" project, an extensive program that represented a reference point in supporting innovation and sustainable development in the Romanian business ecosystem.

Starting from an ambitious vision to support Romanian companies in the fields of Digital Health, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Industry 4.0, the project included a series of activities aimed at stimulating competitiveness, resilience and expansion on international markets.

By collaborating with partners from Norway and through the funding granted by the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021, "2023 Cluj Innovation Year" offered essential support to Romanian companies, facilitating their access to international expertise and creating opportunities for development and innovation.

The activities carried out within the project included workshops, training sessions, study visits, exchanges of best practices, networking and matchmaking, as well as a large-scale event: 2023 Cluj Innovation Camp.

Among the significant moments of the project was the study visit to Norway, where the Transilvania IT delegation, consisting of representatives of 15 companies in the field of Digital Health, members of the cluster, had the opportunity to explore the dynamics of the medical technology ecosystem in Oslo and establish new links of collaboration.

Then, Cluj Innovation Camp brought together 80 specialists and experts from 11 countries, representing various sectors, to discuss and identify innovative solutions in areas such as digital skills, interregional collaboration and environmental sustainability.

The series of workshops supported by foreign experts provided Romanian companies with the necessary tools and knowledge to develop their potential and expand their horizons. The 5 workshops gathered 160 participants, most of them being interested in the theme of writing projects and accessing European funds - more precisely, the workshop with the theme "How can tech companies participate in the calls available through Horizon Europe and other European programs". The other themes were: (1) Coaching/Marketing for Competitive International Markets, (2) European Data Spaces, (3) Calculation, Report and Reduction of Carbon Emissions and (4) How to encourage health innovation in cancer: insights from Norwegian ecosystem.

Last but not least, about 100 people from 15 countries participated in the matchmaking event, held online from April 16 to 26, 2024, which facilitated 67 B2B meetings and as many possible partnerships.

"2023 Cluj Innovation Year" represented not only an initiative to stimulate business and innovation, but also an opportunity to build a sustainable innovation ecosystem, based on collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Transilvania IT Cluster thanks all partners, participants and supporters who contributed to the success of this project and expresses confidence that the results and collaborations generated will continue to make significant contributions to the progress and sustainable development of the local and international community.


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