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This is a project that aims to create a structured approach to collaboration in Europe that supports the use of expertise from mature hubs to improve the long-term contribution of  new hubs, support new hubs in their evolutionary step towards maturity and explore a funding network for future widening collaboration.


Transilvania IT Cluster Contribution

The  process of know-how transfer  will offer numerous opportunities for companies in North-West region of Romania, such as access to funding, access to services provided by mature hub partners in the project and the development of relevant services based on mature hub-proto hub partnerships. 

A Technology Transfer Program will support involved Manufacturing SMEs and Mid-Caps in experimenting how they can improve their processes and be launched to identify technology experiments following a bottom-up approach. 

The project began January 2020 and will end in July 2023.

Each experiment will receive a lump sum up to 60.000 EUR.

Contact project team for more details: 

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