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A world of growth, innovation and international business cooperation facilitated through BISNet Transylvania project and Enterprise Europe Network helps SMEs develop their innovation potential, identify potential international partners and raises awareness of European Commission policies. 

The Network's advisory, partnership and innovation services are designed to help SMEs:

  • grow and expand into international markets

  • find international partners with excellent growth potential

  • take innovative ideas to commercial success on an international scale

Enterprise Europe Network

Services offered within the project

International Partnerships

Expertise, contacts and events to connect clients with the right international partners to grow their business:

  • international partnerships facilitation, through access to the largest platform for managing requests and offers for international business, technology and research cooperation

  • client services and international promotion for products ; help with the identification of business partners, suppliers, distributors or subcontractors at an international level

  • economic missions and international brokerage events organization

  • participation in brokerage events, economic missions and international fairs of modern and innovative equipment and technologies facilitation

Support for business innovation

Solution-driven services to help turn innovative ideas into international commercial success

  • information on innovation-related policies, legislation and support programs

  • links to local innovation stakeholders

  • technology and innovation brokerage services

  • advice on technology marketing

  • information and advice on access to finance for innovation

  • support to access funding programs (including Horizon 2020)

  • innovation management

  • updates on open consultations for SMEs on European policies

  • facilitating connections between research and business environments  through clustering activities

Advice for international growth

Expert advice for growth and expansion into international markets.

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