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is a reference federation in Europe for data driven cross-border experimentation and innovation

Thanks to EUHubs4Data, The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania has connected to the European Big Data ecosystem and is working towards leveraging the data economy and European Data Spaces.

About the project

EUHubs4Data aims to set up a European federation of Big Data Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), with the ambition of becoming a reference instrument for data-driven cross-border experimentation and innovation, and support the growth of European SMEs and start-ups in a global Data Economy. Based on the concept “European catalogue, local offer”, EUHubs4Data will establish a Europe-wide, sustainable ecosystem drawing upon local expertise and achievements of European initiatives and national/regional Big Data DIHs.

Transilvania IT Cluster, together with the partners from TEDIHT, managed since 2021 to:


*Join EUHubs4Data - European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs and list our data-driven services in its catalogue;

*receive a silver label i-Space award in 2021;

*Deliver 3 data-driven services to two beneficiaries of the 2nd OC of EUHubs4Data în 2022;

*Join as full members BDVA - Big Data Value Association in 2023;

*Received a gold label i-Space in 2023





The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania (TEDIHT) through Transilvania IT Cluster, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Babeș-Bolyai University and ASTIMP IT, has been selected to become part of the federation of DIHs specialized in Data.

TEDIHT has included a total of 17 technical and non-technical services in the catalogue and offers the possibility for Romanian innovative companies to access the support of the federation (funding and services) with our help.

Second open call for companies has been opened between 1st of December 2021 and 1st of February 2022.

Transilvania IT Cluster and TEDIHT have supported two innovation experiments which received funding from EUHubs4Data 2nd Open Call with services:


GEM Retail 2.0 experiment worth of 20.000 EUR, conducted by Energenius, a start-up from Italy specialized in Energy Efficiency, has been supported by Transilvania IT Cluster with two services: 

  • Support for Internationalization: guidance in publishing company’s profile in the Enterprise Europe Network platform, promotion of the solution to possible clients across EEN platform and organizing an online event to promote the product;

  • Business Development support: Allocation of mentors which guided the company in preparing its commercialization strategy and preparing for interaction with possible clients.


Agri-Impact experiment, conducted by Valeur Tech, a start-up from France, has been

supported by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub’s team with its service: 

  • Technical mentoring for Data Analysis worth of 17.500 EUR (description, diagnosis and prediction) offered by Babeș-Bolyai University experts in collaboration with the Transilvania IT Cluster team.

The EUHubs4Data project, which represents the Federation of European Data Hubs and Big Data Value Association (BDVA) brought the Transylvania IT Cluster in 2023 closer to the big European initiatives in the development of the industry around Big Data - namely European Data Spaces. These initiatives aim to accelerate the development of the economy around data on specific industries: Health, Manufacturing, Smart City etc.


Transilvania IT Cluster, together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Babeș-Bolyai University, the company ASTIMP IT Solutions and the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca under the umbrella of The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania (TEDIHT) submitted the application to become BDVA's i-Space. This represents a regional hub that provides services to the data industry such as access to infrastructure, access to technology development mentorship, access to business development mentorship and access to datasets. Thus, for its capacity and level of expertise, TEDIHT was awarded with BDVA's gold-label i-Space within the European Big Data Value Forum 2023 attended by 600 representatives of companies, universities, research centers and governments in Europe working in the data industry.

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