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The number of entities adhering to Transilvania IT Cluster as members increases year by year and we are grateful that more and more companies show their trust in our services. We support the ongoing innovative workforce and the future of work.

We want to help the employees of our member companies in the acquisition process of technical and soft skills.  We have various projects developed especially  for this achievement and we are proud to say that we are a binder between  entrepreneurship, researchers, innovators and  public administration. That’s why, we say that becoming a member company is a very important step in your own development process.

Join our cluster

Member Benefits

The main benefits are:

  • organization of training courses and professional development in ITC, both technical and for the development of soft skills;

  • help in  finding partners at national and international level;

  • facilitating liaison with local public authorities;


  • meetings and networking events for our member companies 

  • participation at Smart City, Mobility, Education and HR, Open Innovation and eHealth work groups

  • easy access at HR market in the IT field


  • access to different events, workshops and conferences, in the IT field 

  • finding the right opportunities between members on different technologies or projects

  • possibilities of accessing European funds through different funding programs

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