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This project  has the ambition of sharing a long-time environmental, social and economic redevelopment in Baia Mare, facilitating its transition from Romania’s ex-mining capital to a leader of environmental design and production through novel approaches to attain its objective.  The project also aims to develop a hub in Baia Mare and a local token system named iLEU. 

UIA Spire Baia Mare

ARIES Transilvania Contribution

ARIES Transilvania supports the actions of stakeholders in Baia Mare in the mitigation of heavy metal (HM) pollution-related risks, through the re-naturalisation of contaminated land and the start of a long-term phytoremediation process;

ARIES Transilvania manages the communication and dissemination work plan. It is a liaison between all parties involved in mapping the functional and business requirements within deliverables. During this project ARIES will act as a contact point, making sure that all partners of SPIRE and involved stakeholders will have access to all relevant information regarding the stage and needs of implementation and resources and  will cover the expected results and requests from the other partners to ensure a qualitative and relevant information dissemination, offer support and get involved in the other work packages.

Contact project team for more details: 

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