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EEN - matchmaking opportunities April 2022

The Enterprise Europe Network project offers you a series of potential collaborations that you can benefit from, but also a series of events that can help you develop your company. For details and information please write an e-mail to our colleague

Partnership Events

1. BOUA20220425024- Ukrainian advanced robot developer seeks partners for commercial and investment agreements

The Ukrainian firm specialises in the development of advanced robots with remarkable characteristics such as mobility, agility, dexterity, and speed. The SME's world-class development teams take projects from concept to proof-of-concept prototyping, build-test-build engineering, field testing, and low-rate production.

Under joint venture and financial agreements, the company is looking for partners.

The SME is looking for partners under the commercial or investment agreement. The Ukrainian company is looking for partnerships with companies, which have a strong interest in unmanned systems development and production. It seeks companies with supplementary skills/resources. First of all, the SME needs investments and expects the partners to help in finishing current projects and start their mass production. The SME is interested in reaching new markets with the help of foreign partners as well.

2. TOIT20220420018 - Italian start-up has developed a software platform to detect and quickly fix bugs on websites and apps, reducing up to 70% in bugs monitoring costs

The Italian startup has developed an innovative monitoring platform for the detection and resolution of bugs in apps and websites. The main advantage in using this platform is having a more reliable website or app for companies, where bugs are tracked and resolved immediately.

The company is looking for commercial partners (mainly industry, businesses and tourist facilities) who are interested in incorporating its technology for saving money on their software management activities under commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Also technical cooperation is considered (especially with academia, research centres or innovation-driven companies) interested in pooling resources and sharing skills to further the development of the technical aspects of a product or technology.

Additionally, the company is also open to meet partners for participating in joint R&D projects under research&cooperation agreeements.

Brokerage Sessions

online, Seoul, North Korea

24 - 25 May 2022

TEKTiTE is an online open innovation trade fair. Various technology seekers, technology suppliers, technology intermediaries and investors participate with the aim of creating technology & business opportunities. The program includes Conference, e-Exhibition, e-Crowd pitching, e-Crowd sourcing and e-B2B matchmaking, and all participants can enjoy the giving programs for free. In addition, Demand Response Search (DRS is a micro-targeting approach to create EOI(Expression of Interest) which arranges a B2B meeting in person between technology suppliers and seekers) and Tech Scouting Service (TSS is an open innovation service to edit the booklets containing hot technologies and inventors the global OI managers are looking for) will be provided as additional services.

Oslo, Norway

9 June 2022 Inspiring keynote sessions, parallel sessions, innovation workshops, information on new funding opportunities and targeted 1:1 meetings promises new Nordic and European cooperation and proposals. RAIC 2022 is a one-day conference held in Oslo, Norway, focusing on cross-sectoral innovation. The conference is a collaborative effort between DigitalNorway, SINTEF, Innovation Norway, and the Norwegian Research Council. Thematic focus:

  • Production

  • Inspection and Maintenance

  • Agro-Food, including Aquaculture

  • Healthcare

Registration fee: NOK 750,- (excl. VAT).

3. Green Tech Days, hybrid, Vienna, 10 - 11 May 2022

TOPICS The main topics of the event and the participating companies:

  • Environment: waste management, recycling, circular economy, waste to energy, resource efficiency, water management, water supply, waste water treatment, sewage treatment, filter systems, etc.

  • Energy: hydropower, wind power, solar and photovoltaic, biomass, biofuels, biogas, heat pumps, geothermal energy, hydrogen, energy storage, etc.

  • Efficiency/Green Building: planning services, architecture, urban planning, building technology, energy efficient buildings, building materials, insulating materials, etc.

That's all for now, thank you for reading!


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