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Four start-ups financed with 240,000 euros through the BOWI project

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub through Transilvania IT Cluster announces the end of the BOWI program, through which four start-ups, from the North-West region of the country, received a total funding of 240,000 euros with the help of which they developed innovative products using technologies such as: artificial intelligence, digital twin and the Internet of Things (IoT). These are RF Meters, Rofinntech 3D, Solistron and Stressless.

About experiments: RF Meters is a start-up where innovative solutions for smart metering are developed (smart energy metering in this case) using radio technologies. Within the BOWI project, they carried out an experiment that consisted of installing a smart metering system in the network of an electricity distributor to demonstrate the RF Meters solution in an operational environment.

"Transilvania DIH is an indispensable partner for a start-up because it brings useful expertise in many areas that are very difficult for a company to cover at the beginning of the road. Access to funding programs, technological and legislative developments, networking and conferences are our direct benefits from this collaboration so far”, said Răzvan Sima, CEO of RF Meters.

Rofinntech 3D has developed a technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms that automatically detects the 3D space shown in a 2D image. Using this technology, a useful software application has been created for both online furniture stores and real estate agencies, which automatically populate the images of unfurnished rooms with furniture.

"The BOWI experiment of Rofinntech 3D was coordinated by Transilvania DIH. In this context, our company benefited from mentoring services very useful in achieving the objectives of the experiment. Transilvania DIH also provided us with support in all phases of the project, information on events and funding opportunities and access to the AWS Activate program. Through Transylvania DIH we were able to benefit from the support of other DIHs, such as RWTH Aachen University which facilitated our access to a European supercomputer network ", said Mircea Hoțoleanu, CEO of ROFINNTECH 3D.

AIM (Assistant for Intelligent Manufacturing), developed by Solistron, aims to improve the use of 3D printers by providing an automatic process for monitoring and detecting errors through a digital replica of manufactured objects. The prototype resulting at the end of the experiment aims to demonstrate the usefulness of such a solution for different cases of applicability: small scale, industrial, construction. „Transilvania DIH has provided sustained support since the registration in the BOWI program through presentations and consultations, and during the program I benefited from mentoring from them both in a technical context and for business development, promotion and contact with third parties. In the future, we will stay in touch and partners in the future”, says Tudor Beleuță, CEO of Solistron. The Stressless focus in the eHealth experiment included in the BOWI program was the implementation of Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence capabilities in detection and intervention algorithms for high-intensity emotional events. The experiment was conducted in 4 phases, working with 15 children and two clinical psychologists, in various situations, from face-to-face meetings to independent school activities, collecting data and improving the algorithm after each phase.

"We especially appreciated the support and professionalism of the partners and mentors from Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub", says Marius Rus, CEO of Stressless. Between January and October 2021, in addition to funding of 60,000 euros, each of the 4 startups benefited from technical and entrepreneurial mentoring from Transylvania DIH and RWTH partner Aachen University: for product development and support to identify new opportunities product development and access to further funding.

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub will organize an event to present the results obtained in this program to which we are pleased to invite all those interested in digitization services. The event will take place on December 15, 2021, starting at 10.30, online, using the zoom platform. The event is public and you must register to participate:

THE EVENT'S AGENDA 10:30 - 10:35 Welcome to the opening of the event 10:35 - 10:50 Presentation TransIlvania DIH and BOWI - Bianca Muntean and Andrei Martîniuc - Transylvania DIH 10:50 - 11:05 Presentation My Tully - Marius Rus, CEO Stressless 11:05 - 11:20 Presentation Assistant for Intelligent Manufacturing (A.I.M) - Tudor Beleuță, CEO Solistron 11:20 - 11:35 Virtual Staging presentation using Artificial Intelligence - Mircea Hoțoleanu, CEO of Rofinntech 3D 11:35 - 11:50 Presentation of Wireless Smart Metering - Răzvan Sima, CEO RF Meters 11:50 - 12:00 Q&A and closing of the event


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