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FurniRoboWeld - funded through the DIH-World call

A funding of 95,000 euros was won by the partnership Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub and the company e-Laborator Feeria, a member company of the Transilvan Furniture Cluster, for the FurniRoboWeld innovation experiment, which involves the installation of a welding robot, which aims to automate and improve the process. manufacturing of medical furniture, but also reducing its production costs.

The experiment aims to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing SME and bring an optimized product to market. Through the funding obtained under the DIH-World call for funding, the factory will be able to optimize its production flow and will be able to integrate robotic solutions for its work processes. At the end of the experiment, e-Laboratory Feeria will benefit from an automated solution, which will allow the production of a new furniture product used in the medical field. Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub will support e-Laboratory Feeria in the 6 months of the project by offering a set of services involving:

Mentoring sessions in digitalization and business development; Conducting an audit of the current state of digitization using IMP3rove tools; Supporting the company in developing a digitalization strategy for the factory; Updating the current business plan including medium and long term digitization technologies; Identifying sources of financing for the digitization of subsequent production, etc. In the call for funding, 28 projects from Europe were selected, involving 56 partners (28 SMEs and 28 DIHs). Open calls DIH-World are designed to support digitization experiments involving Digital Innovation Centers (IHLs) and SMEs in the production sector in the 27 countries of the European Union. The innovative experiments received up to EUR 95,000 to support the integration of digital technologies into the processes, products or services of an SME. The selected innovative technological experiments will join the DIH-World community.

About e-Laboratory Feeria: e-Laboratory Feeria is a certified manufacturer of laboratory furniture and hoods in Dâmbovița County. As a member of SEFA, the company is a certified supplier of the highest standards and high quality products. They have successfully extended nationally and internationally to clients from various backgrounds (pharmaceutical and food industry, water analysis, universities and hospital laboratories). e-Laboratory supplies a wide range of laboratory furniture items. About Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub With a history of four years, Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub is the first operational digitalization hub in Romania, recognized in 2019 as "Fully Operational DIH" by the European Commission JRC. Transylvania DIH has passed the national selection coordinated by the Romanian Digitization Authority together with 11 other DIHs in Romania, and its goal is to join the European network, EDIH Network, which will include over 200 IHLs. Transilvania DIH partners are: Transilvania IT Cluster - orchestrator, Transilvanian Furniture Cluster, Babeș-Bolyai University, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, AgroTransilvania Cluster, Creative Industries Cluster of Transylvania, Romanian New Materials Clusters, Energy Cluster of Transylvania, INCDTIM, ARIES Transilvania, IT Access Oradea and Cluj-Napoca City Hall.


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