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Gold Label i-Space Award for The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transylvania

The European Digital Innovation Hub in Transilvania (TEDIHT) received special recognition at the European Big Data Value Forum 2023, held in Valencia. The team behind this initiative, represented in Valencia by Andrei Martîniuc, was honored with the prestigious Gold Label i-Space award, as a sign of appreciation for the promotion of digital transformation in the North-West region of Romania. This achievement marks a significant moment in the history of TEDIHT and is a recognition of the efforts made to bring digital innovation to the local community. The Gold Label i-Space award is a confirmation that the sustained work and innovative strategies of the team have had a real impact in the digital evolution of the region.

In the last two years, TEDIHT has gone through a number of crucial stages in its development:

  • Joining EUHubs4Data – European Federation of Data Driven Innovation Hubs and including its services in its catalog have opened new horizons for collaboration and innovation.

  • Obtaining the Silver Label i-Space award in 2021 confirmed the TEDIHT team’s constant commitment to excellence in digital innovation.

  • The delivery of three data-driven services for two beneficiaries in the second call of EUHubs4Data demonstrated the hub’s ability to generate practical and valuable solutions for its partners.

  • It became a full member of BDVA – Big Data Value Association in 2023, a fact that strengthened TEDIHT’s status in the European community of data innovators.

  • Receiving the Gold Label i-Space award in 2023 is a milestone in recognition of TEDIHT’s sustained efforts and significant impact in promoting digital transformation.

The TEDIHT team continues to be an eloquent example of how digital innovation can transform local communities and contribute to the sustainable development of regions. Through active collaboration with partners within EUHubs4Data and BDVA, TEDIHT remains a key player in the European digital innovation ecosystem. The Gold Label i-Space award is not only a recognition of past achievements, but also a call to continue efforts to shape the digital future of the North-West region of Romania.


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