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High-level Roundtable on Digital Skills

Bianca Muntean, Transilvania IT Cluster manager and the coordinator of Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub participated yesterday in the High-level Roundtable on Digital Skills, hosted by EC-DG GROW/G. During this meeting, Mr. Therry Breton - European Commissioner for Internal Market and Mr. Nicolas Schmit - European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights showcased the importance of the Pact for Skills and we had the chance to listen the perspectives of various stakeholders from all over Europe.

Bianca Muntean spoke about Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub and its role in the skills development and also presented the importance of the Pact for our region and country.

„The Digital Innovation Hubs are ecosystems, not single entities and in Europe they are well anchored in their respective regions and very close to the companies. We will have more than 200 of these DIHs taking care of their regions - with capacities and training facilities.

Transilvania IT Cluster and Transilvania DIH are operating in one of the most heterogeneous environments in terms of digitalisation in Europe, where on one hand we are lagging behind in terms of digitisation indicators and on the other hand our member companies are championing the digital transformation all over Europe so we bring to the table a complex experience. We learned that digital transformation must be anchored in local realities and it is not enough to design and think about the skills but also we need to evaluate these skills.

We identified few reflection points, which are very important for our ecosystem. We realized that we need to look pragmatically and from different perspectives at the future of jobs, and organizations should prepare structurally, strategically, culturally and internally to facilitate the transition to the new jobs.

To support industry in the digital transformation processes we need to support the organizations / enterprises to acquire proactive behavior in terms of future competencies, increasing organizational flexibility, redefining career portfolios and increasing intra-organizational training capacities or at the ecosystem level.

Digital transformation needs to happen both at the state-of-the-art level with skills that can be trained and taught in educational institutions and training centers and that cover areas such as (AI, Big Data, HPC and Agile Thinking) but at the same time it needs to happen at a basic level of digital literacy and digital infrastructure creation and management for many domains (public administration being a case example or basic education). Digital Innovation Hubs are the one-stop-shops, connection points with the digital transformation, which through their activity lead to the achievement of short, medium and long term objectives. We already joined the Automotive Skills Alliance where we coordinate the IT working group and we are ready to pilot several actions.

On our side we can take the Pact for Skills and validate, test and implement it in the Transylvanian and Romanian context and whenever requested and needed, present a pertinent analysis of it and gladly support the efforts to make the Pact applicable, useful and relevant.”, said Bianca Muntean

In the last period there were various meetings with the representatives of the 14 Digital Ecosystems identified in the The new European Industrial Strategy and this meeting was dedicated to the Digital Ecosystem.

The objective of the Pact for Skills is to mobilise all relevant stakeholders to reflect and decide on the measures to be undertaken in order to adequately skill people of working age in their respective industrial ecosystems. Digital skills are of key importance for all industrial ecosystems, as the EU industry is embarking on an ambitious track of digital transformation.

The primary objective of the meeting was to:

  • identify the support needed for skills development at the European level and, in particular, how the new European Skills Agenda including the Pact for Skills can support the different industries engaged in digital transformation, and

  • based on the outcome of the roundtable discussion to obtain commitments from the participants regarding their contribution to the Pact for Skills.

We are very thankful for this invitation and for being part of such an important event for Europe.


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