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We are happy to announce that Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub has become an I4MS contact point! SMEs from the North-West region of Romania are now closer to the opportunities led under the I4MS initiative, such as: open calls for accessing funding, specialized trainings/courses and matchmaking possibilities!

I4MS, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs, is a European initiative supporting manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps in the widespread use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their business operations. Under I4MS, SMEs can apply for technological and financial support to conduct experiments allowing them to test digital innovations in their business via open calls.

Since the beginning, the I4MS initiative has pivoted, locally, around Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs), one of the four pillars of the ‘Digitising European Industry initiative’, as a key instrument to foster local collaboration amongst all relevant actors involved in technology uptake (research technology organisations, system integrators, early adopters, other manufacturing SMEs/midcaps) as well as to channel the efforts (funding, upskilling programs, etc.) that regional and national governments dedicate to digital transformation locally.

To benefit and find out more about these services please contact our colleague Andrei Martîniuc (


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