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EEN - matchmaking opportunities February 2022

The Enterprise Europe Network project offers you a series of potential collaborations that you can benefit from, but also a series of events that can help you develop your company. For details and information please write an e-mail to our colleague

TRIT20220218019 - Open Innovation call for the Mobility of the Future: Italian company in the mobility rental service business seeks innovative solutions for the digitalization of the rental service

Group of two leading Italian companies active in the mobility service market is looking for innovative solutions to support the digitisation process of the business: the open call is addressed to start-ups and innovative SMEs able to propose new solutions that can make a decisive contribution to the technological and digital transformation of the companies, leader in long-term and medium and short-term rentals. Technical or commercial agreement with technical cooperation is sought.

The call is open to start-ups and SMEs developing innovative solution in two fields:

  1. to foster the digitalisation in the mobility rental services market and improving the customer experience both in the service and after sale phases, also through Artificial Intelligence

  2. 2. to optimize internal processes and corporate know-how management.

Expected role of the partner:

Start-ups and Innovative SMEs developing highly innovative solutions through AI to manage the mobility service and/or the internal know-how and management information flow.

Matchmaking sessions

Physical meetings will take place in the venue of MWC/4YFN congress in Barcelona on March 1st and 2nd.​​

Online meetings will be on separate days, between 3 - 8 March.

MWC Open Innovation Challenge 2022 is a B2B international meetings event between all agents of the innovation ecosystem: corporations, investors and solution/technology providers.

30.05 - 02.06.2022

The brokerage event offers SMEs and research organisations the opportunity to find and meet partners for commercial agreements and for research & technology cooperation with focus on:

- Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory solutions

- Resource and energy efficient manufacturing technologies

- Sustainable Energy & Mobility

- Measurement Tools


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