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Enterprise Europe Network - opportunities and matchmaking

The Enterprise Europe Network project offers you a series of potential collaborations that you can benefit from, but also a series of events that can help you develop your company. For details and information please write an e-mail to our colleague

1. Applied Artificial Intelligence Conference 2021, Viena, virtual, 25-28 mai 2021

  • Use cases of Artificial Intelligence for businesses

  • 2300+ participants from 77 nations

  • Free of charge for companies, r&d institutions and public organizations

  • Participate via browser, smartphone or tablet

  • Join keynotes and interact with speakers

  • 1:1 business meetings managed via Video Conference Calls

  • Deep-dive workshop video conferences in small groups

  • Meet the exhibitors at their virtual booths

Civil Security for Society, Madrid, 5-6 mai 2021

The event is dedicated to those interested in participating in the new Call for Proposals of Cluster 3: Civil Security for Society under Horizon Europe.

Registered participants will be able to conduct bilateral meetings during both days with interested counterparts and stakeholders. The main goal is to help participants form relevant consortia.

Key topics

  • ICT Future (AI, Blockchain, Drones, IoT, Cyber Security, AR&VR)

  • Software (Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Mobile Apps)

  • Hardware (Embedded Systems, Human Interfaces, Sensors, 3D Printing)

  • Value Chain (Business Development, R&D, Testing&Analysis)

  • IT/ICT Services (Fintech, E-Health, E-Commerce, Outsourcing)

4. eHealth Match 2021, Gothenburg/Virtual, 18-20 mai 2021

The event is a unique and efficient opportunity for growing your network and developing new partnerships in one of the world’s most innovative regions.

The matchmaking will offer Healthtech executives and key opinion leaders as well as disruptive and promising companies the possibility to meet bilaterally in pre-arranged meetings.

Main Topics

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Digital Assistive Technology

  • Precision Medicine.

  • Patient Security

  • Change Management

  • Healthcare Services

  • Decision Support

  • Remote Health Care

  • Robotics

  • Medical Imaging

  • Welfare technology

  • Elderly Care

  • Home Care

  • Public Services


1. TOES20210409001 - Spanish startup devoted to the development and distribution of professional educational robotics material and solutions seeks collaboration for the development of its technology and offers investment opportunities.

A Spanish startup is working on the development of a robot with industrial capabilities oriented in design and cost to the educational sector, as well as additional teaching materials and an online platform that allows both programming simulation and programming of real robots remotely. They are looking for investment partners and a joint development of the proposed proposal and improvements.

2. TRES20210412001 - ICT partner sought for managing information on transportation mobility in road networks

The Department for infrastructure and land development of the regional government of Biscay (Basque Country, north of Spain) has launched a challenge through an open-innovation platform: How can users of the road network make the most of the mobility information available gathered from road sensors’ data which will result in positive impacts on the local economy and environment of the region? A commercial cooperation with technical assistance or a research cooperation shall address this issue.

3. TOIT20210322001 - Artificial intelligence and machine learning for waste management

Software house from the North-east of Italy specialized in offering solutions for managing the waste collection processes, offers artificial intelligence and machine learning based platform to waste collection companies looking for a solution in order to optimize their collection processes.The software is provided in the form of an end-user license agreement but the company is interested in research cooperation, technology cooperation, commercial agreement with technical assistance.

4. BRMT20210317001 - Maltese home & business security systems, automation and renewable energy importer seeks innovative products to add to its portfolio under a supplier agreement or a commercial agency agreement

Maltese company specializing in the importation and installation of security products such as closed- circuit television (CCTV), intruder alarms, access control, electric fences, traps, fog generators, automation equipment, safes, internet of things (IOT) solutions, parking solutions and renewable energy seeks suitable partners in its sector to conclude a supplier agreement or a commercial agency agreement.


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