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Romania ranks 27th out of the 27 EU member states in the 2021 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). Regarding the integration of digital technology in the activities of enterprises, Romania ranks 25th in the EU. Most indicators of this size are well below the EU average. At the same time, only 33% of SMEs have at least a basic level of digital intensity, compared to the EU average of 60%. However, studies show that investment in digitization has increased significantly in recent years, and companies' interest in digitization is growing.

In this worrying context for our country, we announce that Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub through Transilvania IT Cluster and Cluster Mobilier Transilvan launches the Industry 4.0 working group. This is one of Transilvania DIH's efforts to support the adoption of digital technologies and to provide a platform for dialogue and encourage collaborations to accelerate the processes of innovation and digital transformation in the country.

Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub's mission is to reduce this gap by supporting both technology developers and industry by:

  • Providing access to specialized courses;

  • Identification of funding opportunities and support in accessing them;

  • Creating partnerships between bidders and beneficiaries;

  • Providing a platform for discussions between technological experts and beneficiaries, etc.

The following are invited to join this working group:

  • SMEs in the field of production - Beneficiaries;

  • Technology companies capable of developing / adapting Industry 4.0 solutions - Providers;

  • Consultants, experts, representatives of clusters and the Digital Innovation Center;

  • Others - representatives of universities, public institutions and financial organizations, but also other actors interested in this topic;

This working group proposes activities such as:

  • Presentation of examples (use-cases) of automation and efficiency in the field of production;

  • Identification and presentation of funding opportunities dedicated to Industry 4.0, but also support for accessing these funding sources;

  • Exchange of knowledge and experience between group members;

  • Establishing collaboration partnerships between members of the working group, etc.

Participation in this working group is open to all who wish. The working group will be coordinated by Transilvania Digital Innovation Hub through the executive teams of the Transilvania IT Cluster and the Transylvanian Furniture Cluster (Cluster Mobilier Transilvan).

The launch event, to which interested SMEs in the region are invited to be part of the INDUSTRY 4.0 working group, will take place on December 10, 2021, starting at 10.00.

Registration is done in advance using the following link:

Those who want to be part of this working group and are not available to participate in the launch event, can send an expression of interest to the e-mail address /


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