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Opportunities EEN - August 2021

The Enterprise Europe Network project offers you a series of potential collaborations that you can benefit from, but also a series of events that can help you develop your company. For details and information please write an e-mail to our colleague

This Acceleration Programme is a public-private initiative launched by the Basque Government, Spain, together with leading industrial companies. It is targeted at startups with Industry 4.0 solutions applied to the Intelligent industry, clean energy & sustainability, food and health sectors. The selected startups will develop a paid real Industry 4.0 project for one or more of the corporate companies. Research and/or technical cooperation with financial support up to €150,000 is envisaged.

A Dutch healthcare company provides rehabilitation consultation and intervention to children with severe physical disabilities. The company is looking for alternative methods of operation (e.g. eye or touch control) in order to determine the intelligence level of the child with severe physical disabilities. Companies, academics or inventors are sought to provide their own solutions or enhance existing technology via technical cooperation agreement.


The event targets the entire IoT, AI, Robotics and XR value chain :

- Technology (embedded hardware solutions, data processing & firmware solutions)

- Infrastructures (Connectivity - Networks - Telecom)

- Design

- Research & Development

- Institutional initiatives

- Investors & Incubators for IoT, AI, Robotics and XR companies.

For more Information about the brokerage, you can join the platform :


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