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Within the SPIRE BAIA MARE project funded by the UIA (Urban Innovative Actions) program of the European Commission, a new series of important events took place in the week of October 25-29.

The week started with the Co-design Workshop Stage 3 activity. The theme of the workshop was the eco design of micro-interventions in SPIRE sites. Exercises for sensitive analysis of the pilot lands (making mental maps) were held, followed by the creation of the SPIRE Totem design (a symbolic landmark) and the design of street furniture, along with the arrangement of replicable public space models. On Wednesday, October 27, the launch event of the three iconic components of the SPIRE BAIA MARE project took place, coordinated by the Baia Mare City Hall: the SPIRE HUB, the SPIRE Makerspace and iLEU. The event was attended by representatives of the municipality, Mrs. Amaya Celaya Alvarez, UIA expert, as well as representatives of the partners of this project: Urbasofia, Indeco Soft, ARIES Transilvania, Baia Mare Metropolitan Area, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca and the Cluster Green Energy. The week ended with SPIRE STARTUPS DEMO DAY, an online event attended by participants in the mentoring program developed within the SPIRE BAIA MARE project. They presented the business ideas, which are to be implemented in the community of Baia Mare and which will be the engine of the sustainability of this project. Ideas can be discovered and voted on at:

We thank all those involved for participating in these activities! As soon as the pandemic context allows, we hope that as many people from Baia Mare as possible will use the co-creation spaces and participate in the activities of this project!


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